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    There is no real estate market quite like New Orleans. The Big Easy has a network of historic districts, shotgun properties, and a competitive market that defies the national standard about buying or selling a house.

    The buying and selling process in New Orleans real estate takes a local with market experience. Even buyers who’ve owned a home in other regions can easily miss opportunities or try the wrong tactic when dealing with the vibrant and competitive housing market in New Orleans, LA.

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    A Real Estate Company New Orleans Can Trust

    The best route through buying or selling a home in New Orleans is to work with our local real estate agent team. With an experienced real estate team leading the process and proper guidance, your home buying or selling process can succeed in the local market.

    Barker & Co Real Estate can provide additional resources and support to enable your home sale or streamline your buying process.

    Buying a home in New Orleans means understanding the districts, neighborhoods, and unique lot types available. We can tell you how to stage your house for the hyper-local market and how to handle the unique patterns of New Orleans buyer competition for your best price and sell date.

    New Orleans Real Estate Agents That Can Help with the Buying & Selling Process of Your Home

    One of the most important things a real estate agent can do is guide the buying & selling process. Purchasing a home is a complex financial process. The seller must assess and set a price. From escrow to fair negotiation to closing costs, both the buyer’s agent and seller’s agents conduct the technical aspects of the home buying and selling process.

    Real Estate Agents With Knowledge of the New Orleans Real Estate Market

    Your real estate agent is also a vital partner in understanding the New Orleans real estate market. Homes two streets apart could be wildly different prices and styles.

    Some homes are historic with strict maintenance rules and delicate fixtures. Some homes are in districts where the music can be heard all night. The buyers for each district also vary wildly. Bids reach a fever pitch in New Orleans before Mardi Gras and slack off for more slow-paced buyers afterward.

    Experienced knowledge of the New Orleans real estate market is a key element that Barker & Co Real Estate brings to the table.

    Is New Orleans Real Estate a Good Investment?

    New Orleans is a historic city with a unique draw for both locals and newcomers. In the historic districts, demand rarely slack. As soon as a property opens up, a flood of buyers who have been waiting to move into the district will bid to buy. However, the worth of an investment property also depends on the integrity of the house. Buyers should be careful about homes that require advanced repairs just to be habitable.

    Your New Orleans real estate agent can help you assess the investment potential accurately for each New Orleans property.

    The Buying & Selling Process

    Buying a Home in New Orleans

    Buying a home in New Orleans requires understanding the highly competitive market and the unique rush-season cycle. Most real estate markets cool in the winter and warm up slowly toward a hot summer season. In New Orleans, the months before Mardi Gras are the most desirable, then a slacking in demand right after the holiday.

    Homes for sale in New Orleans, LA, can go fast, so be prepared to watch for opportunities and bid on the right house quickly. Once your bid is accepted, be prepared to put down escrow and show proof of mortgage pre-approval.

    Our real estate agents will then guide negotiations for your benefit as the buyer and help you smoothly handle the signing, mortgage transfer, and closing costs.

    Selling a Home in New Orleans

    Selling in New Orleans means understanding your market. Your New Orleans real estate agent will help you stage the house for your home’s district and buyer market. Barker & Co will list the house online and in the MLS and then help you manage and assess the bids you receive. When a bid is accepted, we’ll guide you through the escrow process and handle your negotiations for seller-advantageous terms.

    When negotiations are complete, we’ll help you complete the final financial transfer and handle any seller-side closing costs.

    Working with a New Orleans real estate company is a great way to manage your buying or selling process. Whether you’re looking to buy a home or sell a home in New Orleans, our agents and office resources are ready to help! Contact us today to discuss your New Orleans real estate plans.

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    Working with Andrew was an absolutely seamless process. He was extremely professional and made sure to have a definitive understanding of our wants and needs throughout the selling process. My wife and I were constantly informed, and he was always available to answer any questions or concerns in a timely manner. It felt like our house sold as quickly as it was put on the market. I highly recommend working with Andrew and will definitely utilize his services in the future if needed.

    Garrett C.

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